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Marvelash Russian Volume Course

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Ensure you keep up with the latest trends!  This course is open to all lash technicians who want to master the latest lash techniques including 3D, 6D Russian volume layering, bridging and Salon System’s signature lash techniques (accent, multi-lash feathering, stack and extend).  You will learn how to create an extremely full and soft looking finish using ultra fine lashes designed for full lash artistry.

The focus of this course is to provide a Russian Volume treatment which takes 90-120 minutes.

Course Structure

In this course you will learn the following:

  • Correct lash analysis
  • 3D/6D, Russian volume layering and bridging
  • Salon System’s signature lash techniques
    (accent, multi-lash feathering, stack and extend)
  • Experts top tips for efficient collection and
    placement of lashes
  • Maintenance, re-balance and safe removal
  • Troubleshooting, promotion and marketing


All students will receive a workbook to reinforce learning, along with products to use for the duration of the course. Students are expected to work on each other, should arrive at the course wearing minimal eye make-up and not waterproof mascara. It is a pre-requisite that students MUST remove any existing lash extensions prior to the course. Students will need to remove contact lenses so should make provisions for this. This is quite an intensive treatment which requires long periods of concentration, if you have poor eyesight, you may find this course quite difficult. Students must hold a certificate in Lash Extensions.

Approved Certificate

Successful students will be awarded a beauty certificate if competent. Students unable to achieve the required standards will be invited to return and attend another course free of charge.

Industry approvals for this course

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Courses are held at wholesale training venues throughout the UK and bookings should be made directly with them.

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