Lisa Stone, Salon System’s wax expert shares her top tips on hygienic waxing

Why is waxing hygiene so important?

Delivering a hygienic waxing service is equally as vital as offering an effective wax. Offering a hygienic wax ensures you avoid issues such as cross infection.

How can you ensure maximum hygiene standards when carrying out waxing treatments?

  • Personal hygiene plays a key role; always wear a clean short sleeved uniform, long hair should always be tied back and jewellery kept to a minimum.
  • If you’re using towels and gowns, make sure they are fresh and clean for each client and are washed at a minimum of 60 degrees.
  • Always carry out a full and thorough consultation to identify any contraindications.
  • It’s really important to keep your wax pots clean and free from sticky wax; the Salon System Wax Heater has a great design and allows for your pot of wax to sit directly inside, so you’re constantly using new wax and not just topping up old wax.
  • It’s good to get your clients to sanitize their hands before a wax. Most clients will always go to touch the area you’ve just waxed and newly waxed skin is much more susceptible and exposed to infection. This also helps if your client will be assisting you in stretching their skin during the treatment.

Are there any particular waxing methods / products that allow for safer, more efficient treatments than others?

Pre-waxing lotions not only guarantee an effective wax, but also ensures that you’re working on a clean area. I find Salon System Tea Tree Pre Cleansing Gel works great and I love the natural anti bacteria properties of the tea tree. When you’ve finished waxing, always apply an aftercare product to allow skin to be soothed and calmed but also left clean.