Lisa Stone, Salon System expert shares her top tips for creating Marvelash Lash Extensions…

  • Isolation is the foundation to creating perfect lashes and ensures healthy growth. If it isn’t done right you can cause damage to lashes, so ensure your isolating techniques are perfect. Check you have isolated not just from neighbouring lashes but the lashes that grow above and below. Lashes grow in several layers, not just one so there could be lashes hiding under the chosen lash.


  • Learn to map the eyes correctly!!! A well constructed map can enhance and create beautiful shapes but wrongly done can make the eyes look droopy and small.


  • Use different thicknesses and curls to create texture and accents. The new C Curl Double Tip lashes are great for creating a soft feathery look.
  • When removing the lash from the peel off strip, grip it at the top of hair shaft and roll towards you. This avoids creating a “kink” at the top of the lash.


  • Avoid tapping excess glue on your gel pads; this will accumulate fumes under the client’s eyes.


Watch Lisa create the perfect lashes using the Marvelash C Curl Double Tip lashes for a soft feathery look!