The Year Of Hybrid…Wax!

Is there any better time to start thinking of new ways to offer clients a point of difference to the treatments you offer? We’ve added a one of kind wax to our Just Wax range to make sure you’re ahead of the curve in 2018. Our NEW Hybrid formula wax is like no other, delivering outstanding results every time.

Omniwax Hybrid Wax combines all the benefits of a hot wax with the simplicity of strip wax… Yep, that’s right… it’s One wax that does it all!

Lisa Stone, Just Wax Expert, says “It’s special because it’s so easy to work with. It performs all my waxing needs – it’s fast, economical and there’s nothing else quite like it. You really must give this a go. It’s quite simply revolutionary!”

This incredible NEW Generation Wax Omniwax can be used for all waxing treatments, on all types of hair and on all areas of the body. It even works well on vellus, short and coarse hairs making it the perfect wax for brows, face and intimate treatments. By encapsulating the hair without sticking to the skin, Omniwax reduces the tendency for hair snapping and becoming ingrown, whilst providing ultimate client comfort and less pain.

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