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Ideal for salon and brow technicians, Marvelbrow is a complete system to create perfect bespoke brows.  The range includes everything to correct unruly, over tweezed, greying and misshapen brows.


Whether you want a soft and natural brow, or more dramatic effect we have a brow product to suit everyone.

Our range includes the highest quality pigmented powders, long lasting, velvety pencils and accessories, a complete and comprehensive range for all brow technicians.


Gentle and peroxide free, Marvelbrow tint is a unique way of tinting brows and lashes. It’s a superfast 2 step system that requires no mixing and is based on natural plant extracts.

Unlike oxidative tints (cream and peroxide), it works by staining the hair and skin, for perfect defined brows and for those clients who don’t quite have the hair needed to create a shape. The colour lasts for up to 6 weeks and 5 days on the skin.

How does Marvelbrow tint differ from the oxidative tint (creme + liquid peroxide)?

Marvelbrow works by staining the hair and skin; it is not absorbed into the hair shaft as is the case with oxidising tints (i.e. creme and liquid peroxide).

Will Marvelbrow Brow & Lash Tint colour grey eyebrows?

Normally yes. Sometimes very bristly eyebrows are not able to take up the tint due to their special structure. Lightening the untreated hair with Bleaching Paste first will give a more intense colour. Use Bleaching Paste on eyebrows only.

Can I use Marvelbrow Brow and Lash Tint after Lifting or Bleaching?

Yes, the resulting colour will be more intense than without lifting or bleaching.

Can I remove Marvelbrow tint from the skin once the colour has developed?

Remove product that has been applied incorrectly or accidentally immediately with water. Older stains cannot be removed from the skin but will fade over several days.

Can Marvelbrow tints be mixed?


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Trudie Ratcliff

Rich and dense, sculpts and shapes the brow and stays in place all day long.

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Ruth Atkins

A simple but extensive choice of lash and brow products offering everything a beauty therapist or specialist lash technician needs.

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