Ensure things go smoothly at the wax pot

Revealed to Professional Beauty in an exclusive video, which is available here.

Waxing specialist Andy Rouillard, who co-wrote our new Just Wax Male Intimate Waxing course, reveals the most common waxing mistakes therapists tend to make and how to avoid them.

Not doing a consultation

This should really go without saying, but I still see too many therapists forgetting to carry out a consultation prior to waxing. Regardless of whether it’s a 5 minute upper lip wax or a 2 hour full body treatment, always carry out a full written consultation with new clients to ensure that waxing is safe and appropriate for that customer.

With regulars, check whether there have been any changes affecting their skin, blood or immune system since you last saw them.

Assuming clients are psychic

We’ve all heard funny stories about leaving clients to get changed for a treatment and re-entering the room to find them with disposable knickers on their head or completely naked, when all they needed to remove was their trousers! It’s easy for us as therapists to forget that we spend all day every day at the wax pot, so we know the routine inside out.

Unfortunately, most clients aren’t psychic! We know what clothes need to be taken off, what the intimate wipes and disposable knickers are for, how people need to be positioned on the table, how hot the wax feels and what the after wax lotion is for, but most first-time customers don’t know any of this. In fact, a lot of regular clients forget, too, so don’t leave them guessing. Assume nothing, explain everything!

Not retailing

As with all skincare services, using the correct homecare products will help waxing clients get the best long term results from their treatment, but so many salons neglect the retail side of hair removal.

Never wait for customers to phone or come in for their next treatment and mention that they got spots or ingrown hairs; sell them something at their first appointment to help prevent and tackle the problem before it even arises.

In my own salon, consistent best sellers include soothing gels and creams, moisturising tea tree body lotions, exfoliating cloths and mitts, and specific ingrown hair products – all of which can be picked up relatively inexpensively from beauty wholesalers.

Giving the wrong stuff away for free

I see a lot of salons offering “buy 5 waxes, get your 6th wax free” type promotions, which seem to stem from the “free drink” loyalty cards you see in coffee shops. Now I’m all for rewarding loyal customers, I believe that’s right and proper, but I do think there are more effective ways of rewarding clients than giving them a free treatment that they are already having done and would have happily paid for anyway.

I believe there are better ways to say thank you and incentivise clients. So instead of giving a loyal customer something they are already coming to get done anyway, I might offer them a free nostril or underarm wax, money off a back massage, or a free product – something they aren’t already having done or aren’t already buying. This not only feels a bit more like a ‘treat’ for the client, but also introduces them to other products and services I offer at the salon.

Making it harder than it has to be

There’s no denying waxing is a physically demanding job, but it doesn’t have to be exhausting. If you’re working efficiently, you should be able to get to the end of a full day of clients and not feel like you want to crawl under the duvet for the rest of the week. There are a few really simple things you can do to make your life easier at the wax pot:

– Firstly, watch your posture. Avoid bending your back when working. Check the height of your treatment table and adjust it if necessary so that you don’t have to bend, twist or lean during waxing. Ideally, you should be able to walk all the way around your beauty bed to access every side with comfort.

– Secondly, invest in a decent set of wheels. I don’t mean a new Ferrari! Get a waxing trolley that you can move around the room and park next to the body part you are working on.

– Lastly, wherever possible, remove long wax strips towards you. It’s a lot less strain on your body to pull a strip toward you, rather than away. It’s a small detail, but you’ll certainly feel the difference at the end of a long working week.