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Lift & Define

A long lasting treatment that helps to open and emphasise the eyes by creating beautifully curled and lifted lashes.

Short straight lashes appear longer and darker, tired eyes appear more open and awake. Simply team up with a tint for instant definition.

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Lisa Stone

Salon System Lash Expert

Messy Lashes = Messy Lift

I’ve seen many messy looking lash lifts and its most always down to the way lashes are glued to the shield’s. Getting the lashes wrapped neatly is the key to a good lift, taking time to get each lash stuck well with no crossing. Fish hooking takes practice but using the right tools will make this job so much easier, I use the salon system lash lift tool, with a fatter end to bring up small sections of lashes and with the precision pointed end I can comb through each lash so it sits perfectly on the shield’s.

Timing Is Key!

The one thing I find students get confused with and one of the biggest factors is over processing or not getting the desired results by leaving the chemical processes on for too long or not long enough. Each lash brand will have its own recommended timings for different lash textures and determining this can be hard at first. Always have a good look at the texture of the lashes whilst cleansing and brushing. Look at individual hair and if you’re not sure, always look at the client’s eyebrow and scalp hair texture as this will hint towards the lash type and if you’re in any doubt at all choose the lesser timing.

Ruth Atkins

Salon System Lash Expert

What type of client is a lash lift suited to?
Lash lift is suitable for anyone who wants to make the most of their natural lashes without going down the extension route. It’s for clients with short straight lashes and those who enjoy a treatment with zero maintenance and commitment. Lasting 6 – 8 weeks it’s a perfect pre wedding, holiday treatment or can be performed every 2 months to create beautifully curled and lifted lashes that open and emphasise the eyes.
What’s the average profit margin on the treatment for salons/lash techs?
It really depends on your price, however, profit margins are high and the treatment takes under an hour.
Are there any contraindications to treatment?
The usual contraindications to eye treatments apply such as dry eye syndrome, conjunctivas, blepharitis, watery eyes etc. Patch testing is not essential but check with your insurer. If a reaction occurs from the patch test this also would be contraindicated.
The result is a little too lifted / “straight up” for my client – can a lift be relaxed?
As the results are permanent its tricky to relax the lift after treatment. A lash tint can often relax the lift slightly but the only way to fix this is to redo the treatment but remember that repetitive treatments will have a detrimental effect on the quality of the natural lash that can result in the natural lashes breaking. Leave a few weeks in between redoing the treatment and use a nourishing lash treatment nightly.
My client has hooded lids – can I still perform the treatment? What modifications need to be made?
The lash lift is very effective on clients with hooded lids and the result can really have the effect of opening a small eye. Micropore can be applied during the treatment to lift the lid.
My client says their lift has dropped out after a few days – where did I go wrong?
Clients need to avoid lashes coming into contact with water, cleanser and make-up for at least 24 hours after the treatment to give the lashes the full treatment time to settle. The lashes are in a delicate state during this time frame. You may want to also increase your treatment time as stronger thicker lashes need longer to process than fine weaker lashes.
My client’s lashes are short and disappear when the rod is applied – what can I do?
Use a smaller rod or even the small perm rod - when the lashes are so tiny, even a perm rod won’t create curl and will only give lift. Also use micropore tape to lift the eyelids - makes life easier to see what you’re doing. Also make sure, you add an extra layer of adhesive to keep the lashes in place. Shorter lashes have a habit of lifting away from the rod.
Abbie Withers

Salon System Lash Expert

What’s the best size curler to use?
When selecting between curler sizes, measure the lashes against the curler. The lashes want to be at least half way up the curler, if they aren’t, go down a size.
What’s the best curler to use for type of curl you want to achieve?
Silicone curlers will give a more straight upright ‘lifted’ appearance to the lashes, compared to the curling rods which give a gentle curl along the length of the lash. Something to consider when choosing what ‘look’ you would like to achieve with your client.
How do I get the curlers to stay in place?
Make sure when applying the glue to the curler that you place it to one side before application, this is to help the glue become ‘tacky’. If applied too soon the glue will be too wet and slide over the area applied.

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