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Our synthetic lashes are created to mimic the natural lash and have a beautiful curl.  We offer one of the most extensive ranges available including super soft, mink style and Russian lashes.  Our superior performance medical grade glue bonds the lash extensions to the individual lashes ensuring you can feel confident in offering the very best treatment available.


  • Treatment times vary from 1 ½ – 2 hrs for a full set, 1hr for a half set and 20-30mins for an express treatment
  • Results are immediate and will last for up to 2 months
  • Lashes are weightless and water resistant


With a choice of super soft, mink style, Russian volume, vari-length and ellipse lashes, it’s easy to find the perfect style for your clients.

  • Super Soft: Silky soft lash extensions
  • Mink Style: Premium mink style lashes for ultimate luxury
  • Russian Style: Pre-made Russian Fans in 3D and 6D for quick applications
  • Vari-Length: Mixed length for express treatments, perfect for Russian lashes
  • Ellipse: Flat base for ultra easy application


Choosing the right curl and thickness, depending on the look you want to achieve is important too and we offer J, C, B and D curls in several thicknesses including volume, fine, extra fine and ultra fine. This allows for a variety of techniques and will ensure the finished look is always lightweight ensuring no damage is caused to the natural lash.




Once applied the lashes look just like natural lashes but should be treated with care at home. Water, steam, eye make-up remover and mascara should not come into contact with the lashes for 48 hours and clients should be advised not to rub the eyes after cleansing the face. 

Using the Marvelash Mascara or Coating Sealant will protect and prolong the life of the lashes.


The hair growth cycle is approximately 6-8 weeks and Marvelash will inevitably shed with your clients own lashes.  Top ups are recommended every 2-3 weeks. 

Removal is quick and easy but clients must return to the salon for this procedure.



Marvelash treatment creates longer, thicker lashes that look and feel like your own. The technique uses fine lashes that enable the therapist to attach one lash extension per lash. A full set can take anything between 1 to 2 hours and a half set 1 hour to create. Lasts for up to 2 months.


Marvelash Express treatment can create full-on party lashes in as little as 20 minutes.  Ideal for those who want a quick fix.  Both upper and lower lashes can be applied.  We always recommend clients return to the salon for removal of Express lashes after 7- 10 days.


The Marvelash Russian lash treatment offers beautiful full volume, feathery lashes. The technique uses ultra fine, lightweight lashes that enable the therapist to attach anywhere between 2-6 lash extensions per lash thereby boosting the volume of each lash. Treatment can take anything between 90 mins to 2 hours.

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Ruth Atkins

A simple but extensive choice of lash and brow products offering everything a beauty therapist or specialist lash technician needs.

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Katy Higgins

A wide range of lash curls, lengths and thicknesses to suit all my client’s needs. Good quality and easy to apply. I like the coloured boxes as they are easily identified.

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Trudie Ratcliff

A huge choice of lashes from strip lashes through to lash extensions. The ultimate collection for lash artists crazy about lash design!

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