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Inspired by the latest lash trends and salon treatments, Naturalash strip and individual lashes are designed to add depth and definition, with minimal effort and maximum effect. Whether your clients want full on glamour, volume or a natural look we have the perfect lash. We also offer a range of premium of faux mink lashes, LashLux.


Perfect for those who don’t have time for a treatment, our strip lashes are quick and easy to apply and give instant results. They also offer fantastic retail opportunities for salons.

The range is categorised into 4 styles: Natural, Volume, Intense and Texture.


Create bespoke lash looks with our extensive range of individual lashes. Designed to add thickness, length and volume, these lashes are perfect for clients that have a special event or for those who don’t want the commitment of lash extensions.

These lashes are attached individually to the client’s natural eyelashes and will last for 7-10 days. The range is available in sizes mini, short, medium and long.

They are categorised and colour coded into three easy to navigate styles: Volume, Intense and Extend.


  • Remove lash from the middle to avoid tearing
  • Measure and trim from the outer edge if the lash band is too long
  • Gently flex the lash band so it is easier to apply
  • Apply glue and let dry until tacky
  • Cut lashes in half to create your own accent lashes
  • Apply the lashes as close to the lash line as possible
  • Use tweezers to gently squeeze the false lashes to natural lashes
  • Add mascara to blend
  • To remove, hold strip lash at the outer corner, support skin and gently peel away from the lid
  • Remove any glue residue from the lids with eye make-up remover


  • Apply long or medium lashes at the outer to elongate the eye, followed by short toward the nose and inner corner
  • If you’ve applied longer lashes on the outer edge apply a short lash next to it, to blend with natural lashes
  • For maximum glamour apply eyeliner to the waterline and mascara to the bottom lashes
  • For an express treatment use strip lash glue to apply the lashes. For more impact and speed try doing this with individual duo and trio lashes.
Strip Lash Natural
Individual Lash
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Ruth Atkins

A simple but extensive choice of lash and brow products offering everything a beauty therapist or specialist lash technician needs.

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Katy Higgins

A wide range of lash curls, lengths and thicknesses to suit all my client’s needs. Good quality and easy to apply. I like the coloured boxes as they are easily identified.

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Trudie Ratcliff

A huge choice of lashes from strip lashes through to lash extensions. The ultimate collection for lash artists crazy about lash design!

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