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Salon System offers a comprehensive range of leading brow and lash tint brands. With such an extensive range of colours and accessories, our tint collection has everything lash and brow technicians need to create fabulous looks for their clients.


A traditional tint mixes both creme and peroxide to create defined brows and enhanced lashes, which transforms the appearance of the eyes.  

Lashes appear longer and fuller as lighter hairs are darkened. Tinting gives a natural look which lasts for 6-8 weeks and is an alternative to the daily use of mascara. Shades can be custom blend to create unique colours, so brows can be matched to hair.


Gentle and peroxide free, Marvelbrow tint is a unique way of tinting brows and lashes. It’s a superfast 2 step system that requires no mixing and is based on natural plant extracts. Unlike oxidative tints (cream and peroxide), it works by staining the hair and skin. It’s perfect for creating defined brows and for clients who don’t quite have the hair needed to create a shape. The colour lasts for up to 6 weeks and 5 days on the skin.

Is a patch test required?

A patch test is always necessary with oxidative tint but not always with non- oxidative tint.

Oxidative – Always carry out a sensitivity test 48-72 hours prior to treatment.

Non- Oxidative – Marvelbrow Brow & Lash Tint does not contain any known allergens and therefore sensitivity test is not mandatory. However, in case of any doubt and particularly if an allergic reaction has occurred previously, carry out a sensitivity test 48-72 hours prior to treatment.

When should I book my client in for the next tinting treatment?

Tinting treatments are recommended about every six weeks, however this can vary depending on the speed of hair growth cycle and exposure to strong sunlight (which may cause colour to fade).

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Ruth Atkins

An extensive range of tints which give great results. The ranges have everything a beauty therapist or specialist lash technician needs.

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Katy Higgins

A wide range of tints to suit all my clients needs. Good quality and easy to apply.

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