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Acrylic Nail Extensions

Salon System’s Acrylux range is the latest in acrylic nail innovation driven by experts for ultimate performance. Using the latest technology for perfect colour, clarity and shine, Acrylux combines a tough, long lasting enhancement with a luxury look, feel and finish.


Salon System’s Acrylux range uses the latest innovations to create the perfect combination of tough, long lasting nail extensions with a luxury look, feel and finish. Perfect for adding extra length and dimension to short, hard to grow natural nails with results that remain beautiful for weeks. Wear on its own for a strong, perfectly manicured appearance or team up with Gellux Gel polish for limitless colour.


To keep hands, nails and cuticles in top condition we recommend clients wear gloves for household cleaning chores, the daily use of cuticle oil and hand cream and regular, professional maintenance or removal treatments. Use base coat and acetone free nail polish remover when applying nail polish.


We recommend follow up removal or maintenance treatments every 2-3 weeks, at which time, any gaps in the growth area is in-filled, the nails are reshaped for strength and fresh colour applied. This is essential to keep nails looking pristine.

How does Acrylux differ from Gellux Hard Gel?

Acrylux is perfect for enhancing and extending the natural nail and for correcting misshapen or bitten nails. The powder and liquid system means that bespoke sculpting is possible and cures to a hard and durable surface without a lamp. Acrylux can be easily soaked off with remover / acetone.

Gellux Hard Gel system is perfect to enhance and extend the natural nails creating strong, shiny and natural looking extensions. Products are odourless. A lamp is required to cure the gel.

How long does the treatment take?

60–90 mins

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Rachel Gribble

Affordable, high quality and performance professional range.

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Janet Palmer

I love Acrylux as I am able to achieve amazing sculptured nails. My favourite being coffin and stiletto and obviously using the amazing range of Gellux colours.

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Trudie Ratcliff

Everything I need for a full nail service – from beautifully scented mani’s and pedi’s, lots of new and exciting gel polish colours and reliably tough nail extensions.

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