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Combining luxury with technology, the Gellux UV/LED Hard Gel nail enhancement system uses odourless, advanced performance gels to create thin, light natural looking nail extensions perfect for every day wear.


Salon System’s Gellux Hard Gels use the latest innovations to create the perfect combination of tough, long lasting nail extensions with a luxury look, feel and finish. Wear on its own for a strong, perfectly manicured appearance or team up with Gellux Gel polish for limitless colour.

Gellux Hard Gels can be applied to the natural nails, over nail tips, over acrylic or with clear nail forms to create perfect ‘c’ curves, gorgeous arches and crisp, white smile lines whilst disguising any underlying imperfections. Quick curing in just 30 seconds in an LED lamp means a fast service and beautiful nails that last.


Gellux Hard Gels are very resistant to solvents and lifting, however, to keep hands, nails and cuticles in top condition we recommend clients wear gloves for household cleaning chores, the daily use of cuticle oil and hand cream and regular, professional maintenance or removal treatments.


We recommend follow up removal or maintenance treatments every 2-3 weeks, depending on the rate of nail growth.  This is essential to keep nails looking pristine. Any gaps in the growth area is in-filled, the nails are reshaped for strength and fresh colour applied.

What are Gellux Hard gels?

Hard gels are the toughest of the gel systems and come available in different thicknesses. Thicker builder gels are for building and sculpting nail extensions. Cover gels are for disguising bitten nail beds and imperfections. Clear gels are to seal and protect with an extra shiny, hard wearing finish.

How does Gellux Hard Gel differ from Gellux Polish?

Both gel systems can be used independently or together.

Gellux Hard Gel is perfect to enhance and extend the natural nails, creating a strong, shiny and natural looking extension. Available in pink, white and clear only.

Gellux Gel Polish is a long lasting nail polish system that adds some strength to natural nails but is not strong enough to create extensions on its own. Gellux Gel Polish is available in a multitude of colours.

How long does the treatment take?

60–90 mins

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Kim Poppy, Bee Beautiful

I love Gellux and the colours are amazing. I love the ease of how they go on and the even coverage of colour.

reviewer avatar

Zoe Grey, Beauties By Zoe

Can’t get enough of Gellux and neither can my clients! Always my go to gel brand. Love the range of colours available and that they are adaptable...

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Julie Anne Larivière, Sketched

Strong long lasting gel. Lasts weeks and adds strength to weaker clients nails.

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