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New Gellux Collection

Star Attraction

8 new shades from the Gellux Collection.
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Bright Lights color swatch


Centre of Attention color swatch

of Attention

Fabulous Darling color swatch


Leading Lady color swatch


Limelight color swatch


Rave Reviews color swatch


Spotlight color swatch


Steal the Show color swatch

the Show

Gellux Minis

6 new fashion inspired additions to the Gellux Mini collection. The new shades include Cherry Black, Electric Pink, Feelin Peachy, Porcelain Doll, Raisins to be Cheerful, and Smoke n Sparkle. The full mini collection now includes 36 shades!

Gellux Core

5 new fashion inspired additions to the Gellux Core collection. The new shades include Empowered, Rosy Posy, Sparkling Plum, Stony Blue and Timeless Taupe.


Gellux Gel Polishes have the answer to 15 days of no chip; no wear, no wait colour for fingers and toes. With a great choice of gorgeously glossy, colour perfect shades, Gellux dries instantly cured with either UV in 2 minutes or LED in just 10 seconds for guaranteed smudge free nails. There are 100 trend and core colours available, together with Gellux Minis and 4 seasonal collections launched throughout the year.


Using a cuticle oil helps to keep nails/cuticles healthy and looking their best between treatments.  Clients should avoid filling or picking at the edges of the gel as this could cause lifting and damage.


We recommend follow up removal or maintenance treatments approximately every 2 weeks, depending on the rate of the clients nail growth. Advise clients to book their appointment before leaving the salon, this is essential to keep nails in a good condition.

How many steps are there to a Gellux Gel Polish application?

Gellux Gel Polish is a three step system; Base Coat, Colour and Top Coat.

How many polishes are in the range?

47 polishes, plus 4 seasonal ranges which include 8 colours each. In addition limited addition trend shades are launched throughout the year.

How many applications per bottle?

Approximately 50

Can Gellux Gel Polish be used over nail extensions?

Yes.  Gellux can be applied over any nail extension system – UV/LED gels, Acrylic or Fibreglass.

Can Gellux Gel Polish be used to sculpt or extend nails?

No, Gellux cannot be used to extend a nail on its own. It is too flexible and does not have the strength necessary for extensions. To extend the nails first use Gellux Hard Gel or Acrylux and finish with Gellux Gel Polish system for long lasting colour and shine.

How long does Gellux Gel Polish take to remove?

Gellux colours take approximately 15-20 minutes to remove. You may find some colours, particularly the darker shades take a little longer to remove due to more colour pigment.


Our Gellux gel polish core and collection colours are chosen with the latest trends in mind. Check out our nail art step by steps and videos in the resources section. See what you can create for your clients using Gellux Gel Polish!

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Kim Poppy, Bee Beautiful

I love Gellux and the colours are amazing. I love the ease of how they go on and the even coverage of colour.

reviewer avatar

Zoe Grey, Beauties By Zoe

Can’t get enough of Gellux and neither can my clients! Always my go to gel brand. Love the range of colours available and that they are adaptable...

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Julie Anne Larivière, Sketched

Strong long lasting gel. Lasts weeks and adds strength to weaker clients nails.

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