Gel Polish

Gellux 8ml - Raisins To Be Cheerful

Magenta purple.

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Gellux 8ml - Raisins To Be Cheerful

Trend led, colour popping shades. Long lasting colour with up to 15 days wear. Ultra high shine and glossy finish. 

Care and Storage

Store in a cool, dark place. Always work with gels out of direct sunlight. Any type of UV exposure will start the curing process. 

Keep bottle neck and lid clean after use - simply wipe away any excess with a lint free pad and Gellux Prep+Wipe. 

If product hasn't been used for a while redistribute pigment and initiator by shaking bottle vigorously.

Application Tips

Apply 1-2 thin coats. Cure each coat 30 seconds under a Gellux LED lamp or 2 min under a UV lamp.