Help your clients get the most from their lash extensions with these expert tips and tricks!

Pick the right lash

Knowing what lashes to use is part of the art of being a good lash technician. “To make them last as long as possible, you need to put a lash on that the natural lash can cope with,” says Ruth Atkins, our lash expert.

Remember: go double the length of the natural lash and the same thickness. Any thicker or longer and those extensions will be too heavy for the natural lashes. If your client wants mega-volume, Ruth’s tip is to put two single lashes of half thickness on each lash. “You’re still getting the same weight but more volume,” she says.

Curl straight lashes first

Most clients want big, curly lashes to really open up the eye. But if you’ve got a client with arrow-straight natural lashes, a curled extension just isn’t going to work. “It’s going to be too much pressure on the natural lash,” says Ruth. Her tip? A lash lift or curl treatment before extensions.  “Sticking a Marvelash C Curl to a C curl natural lash is going to last longer,” Ruth says.

Encourage a lash nap

We’ve all had that client who won’t sit still during a treatment. And applying lash extensions can be extra hard work when you’ve got fidget wriggling around in the chair. “When they’re talking, those minuscule facial muscle movements make life a lot harder,” says Ruth.

Her solution? Get your client to drift off. “It’s a real bonus if she goes to sleep because they’re not chatting all the way through. A lot of people get quite embarrassed, but tell them ‘Don’t worry if you start snoring – it’s the best thing that can happen! Just enjoy it and wake up with nice lashes.’